Unlocking Human Potential

We Foster Sustainable and Vibrant Rural Communities Through Unique Partnerships Focused On Education, Economic Empowerment, Food Security, and Better Health.

Orphan Aid Uganda is a registered grassroots charity that started way back in 2016 and has got proven experience in implementing sustainable and innovative projects that are designed to better the quality of marginalized livelihoods/communities to live better lives. Orphan Aid Uganda has proven experience for improving the socio-economic situation of vulnerable children, the elderly, youths, Persons with Disabilities (PWDs), and women. Our pride is to continue supporting them through mitigating the socio-economic causes of their vulnerabilities to enable them to live a better, meaningful, and sustainable life.

Our aim is to alleviate poverty and its effects through facilitating long-lasting changes in the lives of Orphans and Vulnerable Children, the old going age, PWDs, youths and women and their communities by providing support through education, health, skills development and empowerment, environment, and agricultural support as well as meeting their basic needs.


Orphan Aid Uganda envisions an improved quality of life for vulnerable children in Uganda by providing quality education, proper accommodation, health care, and spiritual guidance.

Mission To bring hope to orphaned and abused children in the districts of Central Uganda, by providing love and care in a Christian environment.

Overall Goals:

The Goal of the organization is to improve the well-being, of youth, women, Orphans, and other Vulnerable Children, Human Rights situation health, and livelihoods of the people throughout the country through teaching people their rights and how they should be protected not subjected to torture inhuman and discriminatory in the society.


  • To reduce Child-related abuses, Youth,  Girl Child Education human rights abuses in Uganda and in so doing enable everyone to live happier and more secure lives by creating stronger society empowered with humane wisdom so as to improve their lives and those of others especially the growing mind of the youth in schools and outside the education system.
  • To support, promote and protect the interests and rights of the people; promote unity, kinship, and setting up of developmental projects including but not limited to interactive programs, advocate for Human Rights awareness, community development, and cultural values in general.
  • To raise public awareness of human rights through education and training programs, workshops, and conferences in order to improve the respect of law in relation to human rights.
  • To expose the extent of human rights abuses taking place in Uganda and learn directly from victims of violations to educate people about the horror of their experiences and what needs to be done to prevent such things from happening again.
  • To develop the capacity among the disadvantaged and minorities through training on how to deal with the fear of speaking out and learning not to be intimated by abusive authority figures.

Our Core Values

  • Transparency
    We strive to implement the principle of transparency in all that we do; we shall do this by being open to rights holders, stakeholders, and partners. We believe that transparency will facilitate the building of mutual trust among stakeholders and partners as well as enhance cooperation.


  • Accountability
    We are responsible for the decisions we make and the actions we take. We will be accountable to our constituents and donors by conforming to internationally acceptable financial management systems and giving them the opportunity to evaluate our performance. Accountability will ensure a strong reputation for our organization.


  • Justice
    We endeavor to be fair to all our constituents irrespective of religion, tribe, gender, or political affiliation. The principle of justice and the promotion of human dignity will permeate all our operations.


  • Participation
    We strive to involve rights holders and other stakeholders in planning, implementation, monitoring, and evaluation of our interventions by promoting participation we will make our intervention more meaningful to those being served


  • Professionalism
    We ensure observance of professionalism in service delivery. We shall do this by targeting skilled staff for the implementation of our interventions as well as adherence to acceptable professional values and ethics. Professionalism will promote good quality for our interventions.

Beneficiaries and benefits

  1. Community
  • Access the disadvantaged livelihoods with quality and affordable health services.
  • Skill empowerment and development.
  • Initiate and support Self Help Groups (SHG’s)
  • Initiate income-generating activities in the community.
  • Support and advocate for human rights in the community.
  • Access to clean and safe water as well as improving on the poor sanitation hazards in the community.
  • Support literacy programs in the community.


  1. Youths
  • Free youths clinic on HIV/AIDs and other sexually transmitted diseases.
  • Life skill training and empowerment.
  • Spiritual development.
  • Support formal and vocational education.
  • Recreation activities.
  • Establish a resource and information center for the youths in the community
  1. Orphans and other Vulnerable Children (OVC)
  • Educational support.
  • Emotional, material, and basic support.
  • Moral and spiritual guidance.
  • Nutritional and health support.
  • Advocate and support their rights.
  • Recreational activities.


  1. Persons with disabilities. (PWDs)
  • Psychosocial counseling and support.
  • Educational support.
  • Advocate and support their rights.
  • Life skill training and empowerment.


  1. Elderly/Old going age.
  • Emotional, material, and basic support.
  • Nutritional and health support.
  • Advocate and support their rights.