As the health crisis continues to evolve with each new day, a humanitarian crisis is unfolding for the world’s most vulnerable and marginalized. For those living in extreme poverty, in urban slums, refugee camps, and communities affected by war or previous humanitarian disasters, the challenge could not be greater. Strict lockdowns have caused loss of income, pushing people further into poverty and putting millions at risk of hunger and starvation. Prolonged school closures have placed children at increased risk of permanent dropout and increased protection risks. Without immediate and direct local level interventions, these vulnerable communities face an uncertain future.

United Helping Hands 4 Uganda recognizes that our experience and expertise in emergencies, coupled with our model of working hand in hand with a network of excellent local partners, has put us in a unique position to not only mount a rapid response to the health crisis but to also ramp up our response to these emerging humanitarian needs. The communities we support need us to act. We are determined to do just that.

How Can I Help?

In this, a global crisis like no other, we recognize that all of us – every single one of us – has a responsibility to these vulnerable communities. In order to protect and support the vulnerable communities we work with throughout COVID-19 and beyond we need your support, now more than ever. Your support could:

  • Provide communities with clean water, soap, and information to keep themselves safe and prevent the spread of the virus.
  • Provide children with remote learning opportunities to ensure they do not miss out on their education throughout prolonged periods of school closure and where possible ensure their safe return to school.
  • Ensure families are provided with food, cash, and/or livelihood support to help them recover from the economic effects of the crisis.